coranne (coranne) wrote,

cake poppin it up

Got white sticks and " edible pens"- so I decided to try them out on cake pops:)

First batch- cupcakes.....

As you can tell, I had a mishap with the food coloring- so the actual cake balls are a strange mustard yellow color... *shudders*

The cupcakes themselves turned out pretty well for my first time.  I am definately going to need my styrofoam next time- I ran out after like 8 pops.

Then I tried some bunnies.  I didn't want to spend loads of time on the bunnies..... they turned out looking like a strange combination  of a pig, cat, and the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books.  

A bunny only a mother could love....

Then I moved on to chicks.  I decided I didn't want to get involved with more food coloring to make the chicks yellow- so they are my green-eyed albino chicks!

"Did you see that?"  "See what?  She forgot to give us eyes!"

For the future: 
I do not need to buy paramount crystals- melting the dots in a mug worked fine enough- and it was deep enough to dip the cake balls into. 

I do need to invest in better edible pens- I am sure the bunnies would have looked alot better with a black pen instead of blue (and bleeding red ears)

Cake balls can only be so big- I have a tray of heavy duds to account for that.



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