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Kyrie Eleison
One door is closing as another opens
Day 24: Planting for the Future 
19th-Apr-2011 09:29 pm
There is a rock that is in my parents driveway.  It is the shape of a long bumpy oval that is split in half.  It is a height of maybe 6 inches max.  When I was little- I would stand on that rock, look out over the hill our house was at the top of onto the mountains and the valleys in front of me.  I felt as though I could conquer the world. I tried many times to dig up this rock.  My dad wouldn't be very happy to know that a majority of my time spent outside was digging up large rocks in our drive way (but if anyone tells him, I will insist the rain dug them up!)  As you can imagine, digging up large rocks was not very good for our car.  This rock was different- no matter how much I dug- there was simply no end to this rock... I eventually gave up. 

Although that rock was not man made- it was created a long time ago- it is still serving its purpose today.  I doubt when the rock exsisted 100 years ago, it was used as a speed bump for a Ford Explorer or an Oldsmobile. 

In day 23 I talked about leaving a legacy for those who come after us.  It is possible to leave a large legacy in money, wealth, and... stuff.  But after you are gone- will anyone remember you for your stuff?  I honestly think it is much more important to leave a legacy of faith.  Money isn't forever, but a relationship with God IS. 

But when we are thinking about creating a legacy of faith- the question arises... what are you doing about it?  What are you physically DOING to show others about your faith?

Let me ask you a question? 

How many hours this week have you :

spent on the internet?
spent reading books, newspapers, or magazines?
watching TV?

What about reading your Bible?

It is absolutely true that a relationship can only grow with time together.  I know for myself- my answer is grim.  I am not in the Word of God nearly as much as the others.  What kind of legacy is growing there?  That I love to read?  That is not a bad legacy- but is it one that will last?

What about you- what legacy are you actively creating right now?
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