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Kyrie Eleison
One door is closing as another opens
19th-Apr-2011 09:29 pm - Day 24: Planting for the Future
There is a rock that is in my parents driveway.  It is the shape of a long bumpy oval that is split in half.  It is a height of maybe 6 inches max.  When I was little- I would stand on that rock, look out over the hill our house was at the top of onto the mountains and the valleys in front of me.  I felt as though I could conquer the world. I tried many times to dig up this rock.  My dad wouldn't be very happy to know that a majority of my time spent outside was digging up large rocks in our drive way (but if anyone tells him, I will insist the rain dug them up!)  As you can imagine, digging up large rocks was not very good for our car.  This rock was different- no matter how much I dug- there was simply no end to this rock... I eventually gave up. 

Although that rock was not man made- it was created a long time ago- it is still serving its purpose today.  I doubt when the rock exsisted 100 years ago, it was used as a speed bump for a Ford Explorer or an Oldsmobile. 

In day 23 I talked about leaving a legacy for those who come after us.  It is possible to leave a large legacy in money, wealth, and... stuff.  But after you are gone- will anyone remember you for your stuff?  I honestly think it is much more important to leave a legacy of faith.  Money isn't forever, but a relationship with God IS. 

But when we are thinking about creating a legacy of faith- the question arises... what are you doing about it?  What are you physically DOING to show others about your faith?

Let me ask you a question? 

How many hours this week have you :

spent on the internet?
spent reading books, newspapers, or magazines?
watching TV?

What about reading your Bible?

It is absolutely true that a relationship can only grow with time together.  I know for myself- my answer is grim.  I am not in the Word of God nearly as much as the others.  What kind of legacy is growing there?  That I love to read?  That is not a bad legacy- but is it one that will last?

What about you- what legacy are you actively creating right now?
Watch an episode of Junior Masterchef Australia.

No, really.

I am sure you have seen Gordon Ramsay's version of MasterChef on FOX.  Well imagine that with 8 year olds who are making amuse bouche, ceviche, and coulis.

Seriously- my brains are leaking out of my ears.

19th-Apr-2011 09:09 pm - Day 23: Creating a Lasting Legacy

When I think about legacies.... I think about the people in my life that have changed me for the better.  I think about special times with families, with teachers, with the adults in my life as I was growing up.  I think about their patience, their loving manner.  I remember encouragement and feeling special.

It is an inherent need that lives in all of us to leave a legacy.  What will we be remembered by?  Will we live a life that is worth remembering?  The video above is by Nicole Nordaman.  (You will hear from her a little later this week too.) 

What will people say about you at your funeral?  Will they say you were a nice person?  That you were caring?  Selfless?  Or will they say that they never really knew what you stood for? 

What about your children?  Will they know what you stood for? 

I hope that if and when I die- my little man (and any other little people I may have) will know me and what I stand for.  I hope that I can leave a legacy of love, of caring, and of a strong belief in Christ.  I hope I leave the legacy of the knowledge of how much all of my future little ones will need to depend on Christ and to lean on the solid arms of God to get through life.  I hope I open doors for them to discover what a life of belief is really like.  I hope my friends and family know how much I care and how my faith is really important to me.

What do you want your legacy to be?  What do you hope people will say about you at your funeral?  Are you there yet?
19th-Apr-2011 03:56 pm - PRODUCT REVIEW: Covergirl Natureluxe

I was provided a Covergirl Natureluxe foundation and lip gloss to try and review. 

I will be reviewing the Natureluxe silk foundation in Aspen and the Natureluxe gloss.  I really enjoyed the silk foundation.  The foundation retails for 10.00 a tube.  It is a small tube- a little too small for the prICE< IN M Y OPINION>  The foundation went on smoothly and really did create a very smooth and silky finish.  This is not a foundation that I would consider to be light, however.  It didn't seem to spread around much- it dried very quickly, which made me use more of it than I really wanted to.  I would consider this a special occassion foundation- for those time when I need better coverage (when I am getting my picture taken) but I don't think I would use this as an every day foundation... I would go through it too quickly.  I still think I much prefer Covergirl's mineral make up foundation.

The Natureluxe silk lip gloss was a very pretty bright strawberry color.  It went on very smoothly and left only a hint of color (a good thing for how bright the shade was).  It was a very pretty shade and I enjoyed it.  Sadly, I got sick right after using it- so I had to throw it away.  I would absolutely consider buying this gloss again- it went on so smoothly and had a pretty matte finish.  

So, all in all- worth the 10.00 for the foundation and worth the 6.00 for the gloss.

I was provided this product to try by BzzAgent.  If you want to join Bzz Agent- go here.

16th-Apr-2011 07:51 pm - Day 22: Road Signs

Day 22 in my 30 day devotional talks about what God shows us about his miracles in times when we are suffering.  The author describes how we are to go about approaching God in times when we may need small miracles.  He uses a set of road sign analogies to explain.

First there is the one way street sign:

We have to acknowledge that we are in need to God- and that the ONLY way we will make it through is with Him.  The story given for today's devotional is a story involving the prophet Elisha. A woman has lost her husband and the debt collectors have come calling, but she has nothing to give them. They have told her that they will take her children if she does not pay them.  The woman cries out to Elisha to help.  In turn, Elisha says pretty much, "What do you expect ME to do?"  Sounds kind of sarcastic in the way I put it- but what Elisha was really talking about was that we need to direct our needs to God- because He is the one who can take care of them.

The second sign is a stop sign:

The stop sign is to make us pauce to consider what resources we already have in our lives.  In the woman's case it was oil.  When Elisha asks her what she has available, her reply is "nothing but a little oil."  God will use the resources (materials, time, people) in our lives if we acknowledge what has already been given to us.

The third sign is a U turn sign:

The U-turn sign represents turning back and changing our negative attitude to a postive one by recognizing God's presence in our lives and recognizing the things that God has already given us.  I think this one is pretty straight forward.

The fourth sign is a yield sign:

This is the tough one for a lot of people.  Looking back at the story, the woman told Elisha that she only had a bit of oil.  Elisha then told the woman to go around and collect as many containers as she could find (even from neighbors!).  She then was told to pour the oil into the containers (or empty vessels) as long as the oil was pouring. God calls us to obedience to Him- even in times of worry.  He calls us to b e obedient by filling up the empty vessels around us- by helping those in need.  That might even mean spending more time with your kids.  That isn't a maybe- it is mandatory.  God tells us that we have to obey Him and fill those around us.  If you look back at the story- I am sure you can guess what happened.  God performed a miracle and the small amount of oil kept coming.  It kept pouring so much that the woman ran out of containers.

What is a great need you have right now?  What are resources that you have that God can work with (nothing is too little or meaningless for God!)

Er... I mean  ... Day 21:  Playing with Integrity

Oh man, is this a firestorm of a topic for me.  Sigh. 

"I know my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity." -  1Chronicles 29:17

What is integrity?  It is being the same person, no matter who you are with- having the same ethics and manners no matter if you are in a crowd, at work, at church, or at home alone.

When I think of integrity- I think of high school.  The main reason high school is so painful for many teenagers is that they truly haven't discovered what integrity is yet.  I remember that feeling. If I was with the "popular" kids, I wanted to act popular too.  If someone was making fun of another- I went along with it because I wanted that sense of belonging- of wholeness.  Man was I wrong.  Now, I was smart enough never to do anything really stupid- I didn't do drugs, didn't get into trouble.  But trust me, I have done many things in my life "to fit in" and feel like I was whole or belonged with someone- man those are some bony skeletons in my closet.

Integrity is wholeness.  I know that when I act a certian way depending on whom I am with- all I feel is disjointed, second guessing myself and my actions.  To be the same person, with the same opinions, and the same willingness (or unwillingness) to take part in certain actions is what integrity is.  Although we can try, we will never reach that wholeness on our own.  Peer pressure is too great and how others percieve us can sometimes be a large burden.  But when we lean on the One who is always constant- then we have a source to refer back to in times when we are unsure of ourselves and our situations.

For those of you who commented on my last post- I have been praying for you. How are things going for you?


12th-Apr-2011 01:44 pm - Time
Does anyone hve time they can spare?  I seem to be running low.
9th-Apr-2011 09:42 pm - Writer's Block: Color me curious
If you were a crayon, what color would you be, and why? What color would your ideal mate be, and why?

I would be Wild Strawberry (my favorite growing up) and my husband would be Cornflower Blue (my second favorite growing up)

7th-Apr-2011 07:51 pm - Being a better friend- Day 20
A good friend listens.  So- speak up!

Lets see- fill this out for me...


is your favorite show right now?
is your favorite book?
song of the moment?
can I pray for you about?
are you worried about?
happened today that was really good?
do you want most in a friend?

Alright- answers please!  (That means you!)
6th-Apr-2011 09:39 pm - Slowing down
It is here:

And Here:

And Here too:

And especially here:

I will admit, I fill my life full of busyness- all of those things that ABSOLUTELYNEEDDONERIGHTNOW!  (I took all the spaces out so you could feel the urgency.)  We all know that a busy life is not necessarily a full life.  We can fill our lives with busyness and miss out on what is really important.The pictures I have above are all places where I really felt -still.

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

Being still is such an important part of our relationship with Christ.  Think about a close relationship you have- a friend, a family member, a spouse.  Do you walk up to that person- rattle off a few thanks, a whole lot of requests, and then walk away?  Whew, that would be a lopsided and rough relationship!  It is so important to listen! 

It is so sad- with the wonderful technological advances we have- we have COMPLETELY lost the ability to just sit still and do nothing, letting the voice of God speak over us.  Have you ever read the book Eat Pray Love ?  In the book, the author writes about how she is searching for inner peace by living at an Ashram in India.  She is expected to sit still and QUIET for very long periods of time.  This does not go well- she breaks out into constant giggly fits, feels as though her brain is going in 8 different directions.  

I think I just made my point.  When is the last time you went a full day- a full week- without facebook, online blogs, texting, cell phones, even *gasp* television? 

How do we expect God to talk to us when we block Him out so efficiently?
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