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My husband is a senior pastor in the United Methodist Church- that would make me the pastor's wife. I am a total bookworm- especially young adult books. I love Japanese manga and watching Japanese/ Korean television shows with sub-titles. I used to watch House, Smallville, and Heroes, but since I have spent too much time in a hospital and Heroes jumped the shark- my fandom stays with Smallville. I love the "standards" and any remakes of them. I love musicals from the 40s and also martial arts and comic book movies. I have a habit of getting lots of free stuff online (which makes me laugh, but then I am stuck with huge amounts of stuff I thought I really needed!) I am honest, opinionated, goofy, and (trying to live as a) disciple of Christ.

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I have this journal because I can't force myself to buy a journal. I could spend hours agonizing over which one to pick and then never write in it because I couldn't find words beautiful enough to equate to the journal- so I write online.

I sometimes go through large spurts where I do no writing- only reading. I could fill up my posts with lots of memes, but I try to keep my journal meme- free nowadays.

Add me if you like- comment and I may or may not add you back- I will check out your journal first. (I don't enjoy trolls- only the kind with pink hair and jewels on their bellies).

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